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How we work
Here's how we work to provide professional translations:
For every job a Project Manager is responsible for initiating, coordinating and supervising the work, while maintaining contact with the client and ensuring that all checks and corrections on terminology, uniformity of language and spelling are carried out.

The result of this work is always sent back as an inspection copy to the translator. Finally, the project is subject to a further overall reading and spelling check. The goal of each project is to develop the language and tone to suit the audience and the market sector for which the translated text is intended.

Good translation work requires, in addition to simple text conversion into the target language, careful adaptation of content to the linguistic and cultural context, taking into account the technical standards, stylistic requirements, expectations and target market demands.
After an analysis of the translation needs, which pinpoints the tools, we draw up a personalized quote.

We develop a representative sample that is approved by the client.

We translate with a careful eye on constant glossary updates.

The translation is checked and refined by a proofreader who checks the quality and consistency of language.

The translation is delivered with the utmost respect to the deadlines and formats you want.

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Are you a client? Send your request to:   +39 349 7722147

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Are you a translator? Work with us! Send your C.V. to:   +39 380 4169437

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